Srewolf Tutoring  - We are uncontestedly The Wolves of EDUCATION!!
About Us
Our company, Srewolf Tutoring Corp, is based on the belief that children learn best when they feel confident and motivated. Our entire team is committed to providing children with quality, one on one and/or small group, time to learn in uniquely customized ways.  

We understand that struggling in school is not fun for ANYONE. We are determined to alleviate academic struggle and bring FUN back to learning!

Who do we accommodate?:
  • Students from Birth through High School 
  • General and Special education students
  • Struggling students
  • Also, academically confident and comfortable students (Contact us for information about our Gifted Child Curriculum)
  • Confidential 1 on 1 Reading Sessions provided for adults

Brooklyn, New York

Flexible and Accommodating 

1 on 1 & Small Group Tutoring Provided ALL Year Round!!!

For additional information about this program or any further questions,
 visit the Contact Us page.

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